High support spinal care bed 20CM

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Avoid sunlight

Dehumidification required

  • Name:High support spinal care bed 18CM
  • Brand:TENDAYS
  • Series:Summer admiration
  • Suitable for:Straight spine, spinal cord injury or bedridden patients
  • Product dimensions:Please refer to the following chart

Comfort and breathability from Nature: same class material as Mercedes-Benz cars

“TENDAYS high support spinal care mattress” is a mattress featuring high support with comfort. The innovative “comfort layer” designed for pressure relief and spinal care represents the best support, breathability and comfort with “natural latex coir”. We use the same class “natural latex coir” as Mercedes-Benz car seats as the filling material of the mattress; this material can spread body weight evenly and naturally maintain the support that fits each body part. Meanwhile, it also consists of features such as anti-mite, antibacterial, high resilience and full breathability.


Pressure relief spinal care material/Fits your body comfortably and gently protects your spine~composite material & comfortable method

The innovative “comfortable layer” pressure relief spinal care material combined with egg crate cutting can perfectly fit body shape to relieve the fatigue and pressure effectively.Helps muscles to relieve pressure and relax; provides comprehensive spinal care. Meanwhile, it can also improve the demerits of traditional mattress, such as insufficient softness and conformability and perfectly fit your body shape.Helps you to relax completely and have a good sleep. The high support mattress can also provide the soft touch to make you comfortable.
The enhanced support of “TENDAYS high support spinal care mattress” can help straight spine to maintain natural curve, relieve the pressure to intervertebral disc, rest the spine fully and have a better sleep. This mattress is perfect for seniors who are suffering degeneration of the facet joints or low joint softness. It can also meet the special requirements of people who have straight spine, small degree of curvature, spinal cord injury or bedridden patients.

  • Standard single size: 90*188*18cm±2%
  • Twin XL: 105*188*18cm±2%
  • Standard double size:151*188*18cm±2%
  • Queen size: 180*188*18cm±2%
  • Special double size: 180*212*18cm±2%



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