Silver class mattress 18CM

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Avoid sunlight

Dehumidification required

  • Name:Silver class mattress 18CM
  • Brand:TENDAYS
  • Series:Royal collection
  • Suitable for:All
  • Product dimensions:Please refer to the following chart

Flagship product  First choice of celebrities  Enjoy the natural mysteries behind the design concept. Mankind should embrace Nature and forest and savor the sunshine, fresh air and fragrance of soil.

3 key features

I. Celebrated design team

  1. Design concept: Back to Nature & natural sleep
  2. Fabric design: Multilayer 3D grain

II. Anion 3D grain tick

  1. Functional anion fabric
  2. Multilayer 3D grain print

III. High technology seaweed mattress

  1. Strong support
  2. Excellent breathability
  3. Resilience (more comfortable)
  4. Excellent heat dissipation


TENDAYS customized pressure relief bed is available in 5 levels of firmness:
Tailored for you based on M.M.T (Manual Muscle Power Testing);

A custom-made personal mattress which provides sufficient support and spinal care and relieves your pressure.

We also provide extra large size and special firmness options to meet your personal requirement
A married couple can have their own mattress with different levels of firmness. It can also effectively prevent the disturbance occurring when the spouse turns over in their sleep

  • Standard single size: 90*188*18cm±2%
  • Twin XL: 105*188*18cm±2%
  • Standard double size:151*188*18cm±2%
  • Queen size: 180*188*18cm±2%
  • Special double size: 180*212*18cm±2%



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