Business concepts

TENDAYS deeply understands the needs and persecutions of those who suffer from sleep disorders and spinal pains and therefore is dedicated to helping customers to have a healthier sleep environment and a stress-free life.
3 main policies of our business:


Set “Spinal care & sleep that keeps you healthy” as our top vision. Collaborate with medical and academic organizations in Taiwan and other countries to develop solutions to factors that may affect a healthy spine and good sleep.

Persist in the core competency of “medical test and customized products” to find the bedding system with the most ideal firmness and curve for every customer and actively develop products that promote health.

Emphasize on the clinical experiment of products; fit the needs during sleep with more accurate designs of bedding system and prevent the unhealthy state resulting from poor sleep quality.

Future vision

With the care to the health of mankind, TENDAYS will continuously integrate the collaboration experience of medical and academic fields to keep promoting the correct knowledge of spinal care and sleep;
meanwhile, we will also produce more innovative products to provide customers with more selections on style, function and effect.
We aim to make everyone in the world have a healthier sleep and sit more comfortably.
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